client list

  • AOL
  • HSBC
  • AMEX
  • Vonage
  • Suntory
  • William S. Dutterer Trust
  • Chrysalis Pilates
  • David O’Connor
  • Pascale Grisé
  • AlumniNY
  • Donna Striebe Design
  • Darren Lyons
  • Veech Sports Chiropractic
  • Silver Architecture
  • Gotham Nomads
  • HIFI Underground
  • Nova’s ARK Project
  • You-Tack!


client feedback

While all my peers were building their sites using Squarespace, they were also all looking the same. I wanted something unique and customized. Victor understood my ideal navigation immediately and understands the technology completely. As my site is completely image-driven, he also understood how to make it fast. Victor is also very easy to work with and very open to listen. I would highly recommend his services.
David O’Connor

website feedback

“The site is so, so good! Displays his work and ideas beautifully.”

[The site] really shows Bill’s work beautifully, reveals the true personality, unique character and talent behind it.

I’m beyond impressed and I have already spent 45 minutes looking. My God what BRILLIANT WORK.

Congratulations on this; it’s a lovely and important tribute to a great artist.

This is an AMAZING website! . . . Especially thrilled to see how thorough photo documentation is pdf’s on both catalogs and testimonials. Do I have your permission to forward it?

The website is fabulous! I spent a lot of time with it . . . Some gallery should certainly want this. . .